Problem Solving

Whilst a sophisticated website might not solve world hunger, it could be the solution to help you from becoming hungry by helping you and your organisation to remain in touch with your stakeholders namely
  • Potential customers
  • Those who are customers
  • Employees within your business
In little over 20-years the World Wide Web has gone from a curiosity to a critical part of our everyday lives. Those who are making the most of this opportunity are the ones rising to the top.
Please do contact us for more ideas and solutions to those difficult challenges which can make a huge difference to the prosperity of your business.

Just as buying some expensive golf clubs will not make you a great golfer so having a sophisticated website will not necessarily bring home the bacon.

Websites need: -

  • Ideas
  • Content
  • Pictures

When you are running a small business sometimes there is not sufficient hours in the day, which is where WMC can help, for a fixed monthly fee agreed in advance WMC can develop content, newsletters items and so forth to keep your business in front of people.

  • Content
  • Emails out
  • Tweets

Of course your could employ your own marketing person - but if they cost £25k per year to employ in salary by the time you have added in holiday, maternity pay and so on they are probably going to cost you between £40 to £50k per year.

£800 to £1,000 per week.

£3,200 to £4,000 per month.

If you do not sufficient work to keep someone busy that could be a luxury you can ill afford.

WMC can for an agreed fee help promote you business ensuring that you have first class help at a fraction of the cost of employing your own marketing person. To discuss this option further please do get in touch on 0121 458 2665 or our contact form


Sales Help

If technology is not increasing sales or reducing costs, well it simply is not helping.

Miraquel - Website Marketing Consultancy is about offering a genuine sincere and helpful approach to increasing sales and reducing costs.

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