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If you like your messages short and simple:-

  1. Website traffic is growing slowly in 2015
  2. Search traffic on Mobiles and Tablets is growing rapidly
  3. People with responsive websites are seeing greater growth than sites which are not responsive
Growth of the mobile internet

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Chart Showing The Rapid Growth of Mobile Phones & Tablets, Compared to The Slower Growth of Desktop Users
  Desktop Mobile Tablet Total
2013-2014 11388 4235 2519 18142
2012-2013 11045 2638 1391 15074
Difference 343 1597 1128 3068
% Change 3.1% 60.5% 81.1% 20.4%

The internet has rapidly evolved from 800 x 600 screens which were common in the early 90's. these gave way to 1024 x 768 pixel wide screens, which felt very sophisticated circa 1997 From there the screens have increased to around 1200 to 1600 pixels wide and up to 1000 pixels deep.

But then along came the Apple revolution.

Screens shrunk.

Suddenly small screens were cool.

The only problem was the content did not fit on them.

What was the solution?

Two Websites - one for "normal" size screens, and one for mobile phones?

Just as that might have made some sense it rapidly became apparent that the size of mobile phones screens varied enormously indeed by more than that for desktop or laptop.

The solution came from some clever coders whose first claim to fame was Twitter. What was required was a responsive framework which looked at the size of the device the content was being viewed upon and re-sized the content to fit the screen.

This was the obvious solution particularly as a mobile phone can be portrait or landscape by simply rotating ones hand by 90 degrees.

There are a growing number of responsive websites, but many websites are not responsive the sooner you update the greater will be the boost to your business..

The objective of this site is to demonstrate that one site can work both on

  • Laptop / Desktops screens
  • Tablets and
  • Mobile device

So if you are looking for a partner to develop a website which is packed with the latest features and you can edit yourself please get in contact today.

Google Announcement

From 21st April 2015 Google will penalize websites in the listings which are not responsive.

I.E. Do Not Work Well On Mobile Phones...


Responsive Websites - one website, which changes shape, to suit the viewing device.

In 2015 - You Need A Responsive Website (if you have not got one).

Can't you see that I am in the middle of a battle, we haven't time for new ideas!


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