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Case Studies are frequently used to sell the providers services to new customers, but there is a downside to the client in that in a competitive market the supplier can be giving away trade secrets. Frequently as one business succeeds that is at the expense of another businesses loss.

If you shop in Supermarket A your are not shopping in Supermarket B.

A's sales increase B's sales decline.

Likewise with websites - it is the policy of WMC not to share confidential client information with competitors. That said WMC is more than happy to back up our claims with the stats please request a meeting.

Traffic Up
Enquiries Up
Sales Up

That said - the traditional websites which have been converted from standard to responsive websites have seen their traffic levels increase, by between 5% to around 25 - 35%, with very little else changing, on the surface.

Number of visitors tends to go up by between 5% and 25%

Time spent on a page has tended to rise, but not always because it could be with a responsive site people can find the information more quickly and therefore decided to stay or go quicker.

  • Number of pages viewed tends to rise
  • Pages per session tends to go up.
  • Bounce rate (the people who only look at one page tends to fall)

In summary a responsive website - ought to give users a better experience and the meterics which you would expect to improve do. The main question is the magnitude. That will depend upon your audience, the nature of your product and how they interact with you.

Every Website is Different

Whilst previous success is no guarantee of future performance - intuitively a website which works fine on a desktop but not so well on a mobile phone or tablet, all other things being equal there is no obvious reason as to why that website would not perform better if it is made responsive so giving an improved experience to mobile and tablet users. The downsides are low the upsides are good.

Why 2 - 100 Employees?

Why 2 to 100 employees? - There are lots of people who are dreamers who have no budget and have a strange idea that services can be provided for free. Supermarkets do not provide free food nor do councils or the Government and so forth. If you employ hundreds of people you will probably want to employ someone in house even if they do not have sufficient work. 

SME's offer the best opportunity to make a big impact. They have insufficient work for their own in house web expert and it makes perfect financial sense to outsource this service to a professional company with great products and service. WMC look forward to working with you.

The above graph shows that in early 2015 roughly 50% of websites are responsive, so half are not, easy to see which sites will be hit if Google holds true to its word 21st April.

The diffusion of innovation first identified by Everett Rogers.


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If technology is not increasing sales or reducing costs, well it simply is not helping.

Miraquel - Website Marketing Consultancy is about offering a genuine sincere and helpful approach to increasing sales and reducing costs.

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