Domain Name Registration

Domain names in themselves do not cost a huge amount but if you loose control of your domain name this can prove costly.
  • Goodwill associated with your domain name
  • Signage
  • Liveries on vehicles
  • Email
  • Stationery
  • Business Cards
  • Literature
The list goes on...
Ensuring that a domain name is correctly registered and is legally yours is a critical step in setting up a website overlook at your own cost.
Here at Website Marketing Consultancy - we want you to be a happy customer for many years in to the future but it you do decided to leave then we want your paperwork to be correct.
It is a natural reaction to put something off, defer a decision, wait for another day. and in truth putting off making your website responsive will not harm your business probably overnight but as websites convert to being responsive your website is slowly drifting backwards in the current. On a daily basis this may be imperceptible, but measured over a longer period chances are you are: -
  • Receiving less fresh enquiries
  • Fewer referrals
  • As a business you are becoming that little bit less easy to work with.
Kodak invented the first digital camera in 1975 not very portable, not very handy, but in January 2012 filed for bankruptcy because of the fall in demand for its core product. Chances are you are not as stupid as the directors of Kodak but it just shows how a once mighty company with huge amounts of cash at its disposal ignored technology. Technology they were pioneers in inventing and the consequence of that blindness.
Avoid the revolution in technology and how visitors are interacting with your website at literally your own cost.
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If technology is not increasing sales or reducing costs, well it simply is not helping.

Miraquel - Website Marketing Consultancy is about offering a genuine sincere and helpful approach to increasing sales and reducing costs.

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