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A successful website starts off with a sensible business plan and market research, which we would be delighted to quote for.
We have access to specialist marketing resources only available on subscription.
No matter how brilliant the graphics and the coding if the initial idea does not make sense - then chances are it will fail.
Traditionally  much of our work has come from recommendations, and we want to keep it that way, it is not in our interests to going along with just any idea as sooner or later it become apparent that it has not got legs.
The "right" domain name can make a huge difference which goes hand in hand with a good business name. Of course there is always the exception to the rule - a duff business name, a poor domain name which some how works but why handicap yourself.
Running a successful business is hard enough without starting off on the "wrong" foot.

Sales Help

If technology is not increasing sales or reducing costs, well it simply is not helping.

Miraquel - Website Marketing Consultancy is about offering a genuine sincere and helpful approach to increasing sales and reducing costs.

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