Search Engine Optimisation - for those who say this is dead, it does not matter - it is just hard to understand where they are coming from.

This is matching the text on your website to the likely text your potential market might use to find your site.

There are possibly the more obvious words and then the less.

By tracking how people find your site and the meterics surrounding those words it is possible to work out how the structure of your site might be enhanced.

Like servicing your car - you could do it yourself or if you are not expert allow us to perform this task.

The reward is the chance to be found by more people who are looking for your service.

If you do not do it chances are one of your competitors will and it takes some effort to type words in to the Google search box which do not bring back some sort of answers.

This is about giving your site a chance to be found, ahead of your competitors.

Frequently people building websites offer this as a bolt on at the end, but think of it like this. If you commissioned a builder to construct you a new home and he suggested that he would put the foundations in at the end you would be showing him the door immediately. Similarly whilst search engine optimisation can be retrofitted, that is not the smart way to go about this subject.

If WMC are building a site from scratch you can rest assured this will be very high on the list of priorities after all what is the point of a website without any visitors?

Is SEO New?

No, SEO is not new

Just because Lord Sugar and his apprentice Mark Wright have discovered SEO (

His business idea involves digital marketing and search engine optimisation to help push businesses up online searches.

Does not mean that this is something new!

Website Marketing Consultancy (and before that / Miraquel) have been practising this for more than 10-years years. The beneficiaries have been our clients who have enjoyed great sales growth as a result.

Nothing has given me more pride than going around and wishing customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hearing about how their businesses have prospered and how they are investing in the future, and the positive feedback regarding what I have done for them regarding their website.

New Clients Welcome

So if you want to improve your digital marketing you do not have to rely upon an apprentice for help but you can come to an established business with a long and proven track record.

I vividly remember the office manager going out and buying an Amstrad Word Processor for the office way back in the 80's and clearly that was a huge technological advance on the manual type writer it replaced. Lord Sugar was certainly ahead of the game, but to suggest that SEO is the new game in town is to be way behind the curve.

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It is a natural reaction to put something off, defer a decision, wait for another day. and in truth putting off making your website responsive will not harm your business probably overnight but as websites convert to being responsive your website is slowly drifting backwards in the current. On a daily basis this may be imperceptible, but measured over a longer period chances are you are: -
  • Receiving less fresh enquiries
  • Fewer referrals
  • As a business you are becoming that little bit less easy to work with.
Kodak invented the first digital camera in 1975 not very portable, not very handy, but in January 2012 filed for bankruptcy because of the fall in demand for its core product. Chances are you are not as stupid as the directors of Kodak but it just shows how a once mighty company with huge amounts of cash at its disposal ignored technology. Technology they were pioneers in inventing and the consequence of that blindness.
Avoid the revolution in technology and how visitors are interacting with your website at literally your own cost.
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If technology is not increasing sales or reducing costs, well it simply is not helping.

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