Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines and in the UK you can substitute the word Google are frequently how visitors to the internet find information. 
In the UK Google dominates search accounting for easily more than 80% of all searches.
If it your site works well in Google it will almost certainly work in other search engines.
Search engines look for key parts of what makes up your website page.
  • The Title
  • Page Name
  • Headings
  • Text
  • Pictures
  • Amount of text
  • Links to your page - and so on...
These factors contribute to the chances of your page coming up in Google.
Search Engine Optimisation is about trying to make sure that your site covers the basics, and then going beyond that. 
Many websites do not cover the basics well let along going the extra mile.
SEO is a moving target. Search is changing because chances are before 2007 you would have only thought of searching for information from the internet on a desktop computer but after Apple introduced the first iPhone search began to change. Android phones first appeared in 2008.
Today search on mobile phones and tablets has exploded - accounting for a huge number of searches daily, anywhere between 20 to 80% of searches depending upon the subject.
People also search on multiple devices a phone or tablet then perhaps a desktop or vice versa - hence the need for your site to work on all platforms.
SEO should be thought through at the beginning of the business process not bolted on at the end. You would not tolerate an architect suggesting the builder will retrofit the foundations once you had moved in to your new home and whilst it is possible to retrofit SEO to a website embracing it at the beginning is the optimal place to start.

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If technology is not increasing sales or reducing costs, well it simply is not helping.

Miraquel - Website Marketing Consultancy is about offering a genuine sincere and helpful approach to increasing sales and reducing costs.

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