The Website Challenge

The huge challenge for smaller businesses relates to the fact that they do not have sufficient work to employ an in-house person full time month in month out to manage their website.

One solution is to suggest the business owner, or someone within the business should do that themselves, but in most cases this runs up against a number of issues.

  • Time - updating the website frequently becomes one of those jobs put off until tomorrow which never comes.
  • Technology - it is easy to forget how to update the website, edit pictures, if you are not doing it frequently.
  • Familiarity - It is easy to spot the in-house written copy. Every paragraph starts with "We..." but if you are not use to writing website copy it is very understandable as to why that becomes a challenge.

Affordable Website Marketing Solution...

The solution is let Website Marketing Consultancy up date your website for you month in month out. Allow us to do more than build you a website, but instead manage the whole updating process, and your digital presence on the internet.

Where you do not have the internal resources and volume of work to keep your site up to date this makes a lot of sense.

Each package is tailored to your needs, not a one size fits all approach, but an agreed programme of updates and marketing communication which will meet your requirements.

Let us climb the mountain for you, or at the very least carry the bulk of the load...

Typical components: -

  1. Topical websites updates
  2. Monitoring of competitor websites
  3. Competitor activity
  4. Industry news and activity
  5. Google Adwords
  6. Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook.
  7. Reviewing website analytics and then using that as a basis for further action.
  8. Extend your website by creating pages based upon your keywords
  9. Promote your business locally if appropriate
  10. Promote content on video an image sharing sites if applicable

Links to your website help determine where you come up in Google, understanding this, knowing who is linking to you and possibly who is linking to your competitors, is a crucial part of increasing your website presence. This an area where WMC can help push your website up the rankings.

Working with you WMC can create articles for distribution with links back to your website.

Press releases, most newspapers and magazines welcome content which they can easily produce, which can be created by re-working articles.

Social Media

Social media can in certain markets raise your profile and be worth the investment.


A Blog can offer an opportunity to respond to topical events and industry news which does not fit elsewhere on your website. Google frequently returns blog postings in search results.


These days there is an online community for many subjects these forums can be a great place to gain exposure and never forget Word of Mouth some people are very vocal and can provide reach out to their followers.

Traditional Promotional Activity

Never overlook the low technology options: -

  1. Signage
  2. A-boards
  3. Vans
  4. Stationery
  5. Leaflets
  6. Business Cards
  7. Newsagents Windows


Email often horrendously abused by spammers can when used intelligently produce good results.

Text marketing to smartphones with a link to your responsive website is an underused opportunity in the UK to obtain interest.

Paid Advertising

Google Adwords (there are others but start with Google) offers niche businesses a realistic way to get your name in front of buyers at that crucial moment, when they are searching for your services. WMC has many satisfied clients who have been delighted with our results.

Website Marketing Summary

One thing remains constant, namely the internet world changes rapidly. The first smart phones appeared in 2007, out of the reach of most when first released they dominate sales today. Tablets are not particularly new but the iPad in 2010 made them sexy today millions own one and use them daily. The rapid pace of change makes staying ahead of the curve a challenge for any business owner, early adopters can see good sales growth at modest cost. Why not allow WMC to help you stay ahead of your competitors, please telephone today 0121 458 2665 for an exploratory conversation.


Sales Help

If technology is not increasing sales or reducing costs, well it simply is not helping.

Miraquel - Website Marketing Consultancy is about offering a genuine sincere and helpful approach to increasing sales and reducing costs.

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